We geeks met playing
the game of games, basketball.
We bring YouOS.

Joe Wong
a.k.a: fantasygeek, mrwong, postmaster
MEng, Computer Science, MIT, 2004

Joe is many things, but humble is not one of them. Conversations with Joe, or "Mr. Wong" as he apparently is going by this month, follow an eerily similar pattern. They usually start with a discussion on something "rad" he's read on reddit.com. Fair enough - there's some cool stuff to discuss on the web. Just wait. Joe is the master of the sneaky transition; before you know it, you are vigorously defending your home state while Joe pontificates about the wonders of his "mother" Texas: the steak, the boots, and most of all, himself. They say everything is bigger in Texas. Joe's ego is no exception.

Yeah, he's like that, but he can code given the right motivation. Food is a good start. You see, despite his lithe stature, Joe's strength and weakness is his affinity for crunchy carbohydrates. It's the only explanation for his massive stockpile of Matzo crackers from Costco. No, he's not a Jew. He's a Joe. Which is MUCH, MUCH different. He often speaks of getting code reviews from his furry four-legged friends. We think he's talking about his dog, but we're still not sure. Granted, Bonnie brings excitement and a powerful sense of smell to the table, but we question her ability to design an API or, um, type.

Sam Hsiung
a.k.a: sammo, unclesam, samwise
BS, Computer Science, Caltech, 2004

Sam is an influential guy. He had us switch from coding in BASIC to coding in PHP. And then he has us switch to PASCAL. And then he had us switch to Python. He's been mentioning assembly quite a bit recently, but the rest of us have stopped listening.

Sam likes to change his mind and loves the art of refactoring. His motto? "Measure twice, cut twenty times." But who are we to complain? The code comes out cleaner each time - and Sam still has time to contribute copious amounts of new code. He also forced us into unit testing everything we do, so we are grateful for that. During his travels - from Illinois to Los Angeles to Palo Alto - Sam picked up a few skills - nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, python skills.

He's obsessed with scaling, partitioning, and bundling ajax requests...that, and making the development system "totally sweet" for fifteen year olds. And he really, really wants to create an mmorpg package in javascript.

Srini Panguluri
a.k.a: burritoninja, tracdaddy, nuniothegangsta
BS, Computer Science, Stanford, 2003

Srini is not a ninja, regardless of what he would have you believe. Like ninjas, he favors night over day, choosing to avoid the "omnipotent hydro-helium opressor". He also once visited Japan. That's about all he has in common with ninjas. He might try to convince you that Twisted Python is the name of his ninjitsu order - do not be fooled; it's just another coding framework.

Srini is a self-styled jack of many trades, but we are not sure exactly which trades. Javascript does seem to be one of them, but then again, so is eating. He tends to overvalue burritos quite noticeably. Sam once traded a super-chorizo burrito with Tapatio sauce for Srini's Honda Accord. We continue to take advantage of this weakness by paying Srini partly in burritos.

Srini was not born in California, but he was raised in "south-east central" Los Angeles. The only surfing he does, alas, is on ebay for obviously fake ninja gear.

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